Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Tuesday

Tuesday pretty much gets the shaft if you think about it, but it could be worse. Tuesday could be Monday, and we all know nobody likes Monday. Think about it, everyone loathes Monday for the return to the work week that comes with it, but most people over look Tuesday all together. We rush to recognize that Wednesday finds us half way through the work week and is often celebrated as "hump day". Thursday is Friday eve, and well Friday is pretty much the most celebrated day of the week."TGIF!" people exclaim, but nobody ever says, "TGIT". Poor Tuesday. I won't even mention how happy we all are to enjoy Saturday and Sunday.

Is Tuesday really that unrecognizable? Maybe I'll start a movement to make Tuesday a bit more celebrated. Thoughtful Tuesday? Tasty Tuesday? Terrific Tuesday? Good things come on Tuesdays, don't they? What will you do next Tuesday to make it a great one? What can you share with others to make the second day of the work week a bit more memorable for your co-workers or friends?

Make Tuesday count! It's 24 hours of your life that you won't get back, so don't overlook it. Make it more than just tolerable, make it terrific!

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