Friday, June 8, 2018

I Know Why...

In light of the recent celebrity suicides, I found this blog post from Psychology Today poignant. No one can ever believe a "happy" person would have reason for suicide...

"I know why successful and happy people commit suicide. It's because of the very thing that everyone envies about them. You're so busy using their talent for your own entertainment, being jealous of their "success and happiness" or busy schedule that you forget they're human. 

Humans, no matter their current state of happiness or adventure, are still human and subject to the bad times that can occur at any time. Health issues. Relationship issues. Mental struggles and battles. But they, the "successful and happy" people, won't show you that. And the fact is, you won't let them. You've placed them on such a tall pedestal so far away from your heart, that you've forgotten they're just like you. They're not super human, or made of steel but it doesn't matter because you've forgotten that. And, you'll actually chastise them and outlaw them should they show you any sign of weakness or try to invite you into their pain. So the fact is, they don't.

The "successful" are fragile. Far weaker than you could imagine at times, and they have no outlet from the world they've created and the world you believe they should stay in. They aren't allowed to have a bad day. You're so wrapped up in your own shit anyway, so you don't bother to look in on them. You're too busy making up reasons to be jealous and create gaps and great divides in your relationship with them, instead of finding commonalities to care about. 

They send you cards of encouragement. They post positive images on social media. They reach out to you because they're happy and annoyingly always perky, right? No. The reality is, that is the very treatment they wish was returned upon them. They just want to be shown some effort in life. Effort that they too matter beyond the rainbow of the upside. But they never get it. And despite the happiness you see, they feel alone and sad.

When's the last time you did something positive for your "happy" friend? When's the last time you stopped comparing your life to theirs in order to realize, they're just as human as you are and subject to the same battles?

You assume people are too busy, when the reality is they have no plans and wish that someone would reach out to them and ask them to hang out. They are lonely.

You assume that people are too "happy" and fine as they are, so you don't check in on them. You don't text, email or call. The fact is they need you.

If your friend wrote sad social media posts and told you how depressed they were, you'd check in on them. You might send them flowers or take the time to write a card. Hell, maybe you wouldn't and I give you too much credit. But I bet you would. 

Why is it so easy to leave the "happy" people alone and only cater to those who "need" the attention? Common sense would tell you that everyone has their bad days and if you consider that "happy-all-the-time" person your friend, you would act like one in return. You would check in on them. You'd call. You'd get past your own issues to send an invite. The card. The text. But you won't.

Instead, you'll be shocked and dismayed when you don't know anything that's going on in their life that lead to their suicide. You'll be quoted in a posthumous interview saying something naive like, "He seemed happy and gave no indication that anything was wrong...". And that is because you simply didn't ask.You didn't look past the posts, the entertainment or the smile to see the real person. Happy people have bad days too."  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Random Bits of Nothingness

Just when you think you're done celebrating all the holidays and have attended every party or celebration needed, one gets postponed dragging out the never ending "must leave the house" activities for another week...

I'm enjoying the heat wave today! 32 degrees feels wonderful! 

I most children have headed back to school today from winter break, the morning commute has become a strategic game of not finding one's self behind a yellow school bus...

The new Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie is awesome!

And for good measure, I encourage you to read more silly posts like this versus checking out the daily news headlines. Not only are the stories themselves depressing, but the "misery loves company" commentary and mindset that follows the reporting is surely detrimental to your daily dose of happiness...

Stay happy my friends!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Anywhere But Here

I want condos in every place! 

According to an outdated Time magazine, the best places for eating right, lifelong health and keeping fit are San Francisco, Honolulu and Denver and Boulder, Colorado respectively.

I love Honolulu and California (more specifically the San Diego area), but I wouldn't mind the snowy hills of Colorado either! 

I'm sure the benefits of living in these places is highly based on amount of sunshine (making you want to be more active) and accessibility to healhy foods and activities both indoors and out. 

Sign me up, I'm ready to move!

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Ode to Road Salt

I do not like you on my shoes.
I do not like you on my pants.
I do not like you on my coat.
I do not like you on my car.
I do not like you in my house.
I do not like you anywhere.
That is all.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I'm prepared for today.
Lunch and a book = a real lunch break.
What a concept.

Monday, January 1, 2018


I don't have any uplifting, "Go 2018!", rah-rah bullshit to share with you today. Yes, I'm happy to embrace a new year, but 2017 was pretty great for me so today feels like any other "day in the life". Despite that feeling, I'm still jumping on the renewed freshness kick and stepping up my workout, reading and personal goals that only seem to come with new year vigor.

One thing that is helping me to organize and plan for my goals is my new Commit 30 planner. I ordered it on a whim and despite not having enough space (for my own liking) to track food items, I am enjoying the versatility of it being a multi-goal (not just for food and exercise) tracking system. It's a 30 day goal at a time planner, and you make of it what you will. There's lots of room for customization!

This picture shows my new planner, along with a few of my current, favorite things...

Current favorite things: 
Warm wool mittens (that were recycled from wool sweaters!)
Orange Theory Fitness
Goal Planners
Sunny days

Not so favorite things:
Cold toes
Cold cars that never seem to heat up enough no matter how far you drive
Cold weather