Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Things You Should Know Today (But Probably Don't Care About)

1) Second chances are hard, but I'm grateful I get one! Thanks is not enough, E.

2) I'd maim someone right now for a good Tall, Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks (versus the "tastes like chocolate milk" version I received this morning)

3) I wish I was in my Sleep Number bed. Right. Now. 

4) I should own and read this book...

5) I'm afraid of haunted houses but am going to one this Halloween anyways.

6) I am now co-teaching dog classes 3 nights a week and love it but find it exhausting. Or, maybe it's that 1:30 am bedtime that has something to do with it? (I don't get to sleep in class like this girl!)

7) I don't feel like talking to anyone today. Yep, I'm tired and crabby, I admit it.

8) The best part of my 9-5 day is usually breakfast (and the gym).

9) Leaving for this in 8 days - can't wait!

10) This still makes me giggle. Happy Hump Day peoples!