Monday, April 16, 2012

A - ?

I've been away from my blogging far too long, and haven't even managed to participate in April's A-Z blogging challenge which makes me very sad! Instead of trying to catch you all up with what's been going on in my life, maybe some of the A-Z's below will help. While these should have been individual posts for each letter, I'm condensing for your reading pleasure! The plan is, that there is no plan and I'll blog about what ever pops into my head for each particular letter.

A is for ASL

I've completed my 3rd class of ASL and am looking forward to starting my 4th tomorrow! I'm slowly learning about the deaf culture, and improving my signing (of course, some could argue I don't make much sense when I'm tired!) and best of all, I'm meeting wonderful friends and people along the way!

People ask me what made me decide to learn ASL (American Sign Language) and the fact is, it seems that it has always been in my life in some manner, acting almost like a nagging little voice in the back of my head reminding me over the years, "You should take me, learn me!".
I've been surrounded by deaf people growing up, whether they were relatives or neighbors and always find myself more fascinated at theater outings by the interpreter then the actual performance. However, the final "nudge" to take action came last year when I could not communicate with a deaf customer. While I tried, I felt awkward and ultimately pissed off that I couldn't communicate clearly what I wanted to say. With that said, I was signed up at the Center on Deafness a few weeks later for my first class. Now, with some education under my belt, Diana is becoming more of a friend then a customer, and with a little more knowledge (on my end) I think dog training lessons in ASL are in the near future!!!
B is for Bike, Bibfolio and Bowling

I actually got out on my bike BEFORE July this year! March held some unusually good weather, so I actually took the first day of Spring off from work (March 20th) and went bike riding along the lake with a new friend (now boyfriend - hey, that's a "B" word too!). The day was amazing, filled with lots of riding, lunch at Navy Pier, and a sunburn to boot. It was amazing, and reminded me of how much I miss riding and need to get rolling!

I ordered my first bibfolio ever and am stoked! Now, I have one scrapbook-like album to house all of my race bibs in! Woo-who!!!

Bowling - when done with the bestest of friends, is awesome - no matter how many computer glitches and technical difficulties occur with the automated scoring system!

C is for Cat
I still proclaim I have the world's craziest cat. His latest and greatest antics include "barf and run" incidences, wherein he (unknowingly) eats straws from the broom and then turns around and barfs. Of course, he doesn't stay stationary while projectile vomiting. He is a "barf and runner"! He barfs, then proceeds to run to a new spot and then barf some more. This makes for great clean up fun for me all while he sits and watches as if nothing happened. I swear he smiles when I'm cleaning.

D is for Dogs and Del
I love training them!!! Also, I get to visit mine (who is currently living with my sister) in a week. Can't wait to see my baby girl, who, is not such a baby any more. She's actually going on 10 years old!

I went to San Diego for work, and while I didn't really get to leave the hotel grounds of the Hotel Del Coronado (after all, it was a WORK trip), I did manage to get up early every morning and spend some time on the beach jogging and participating in yoga. I also got to listen to, and meet Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A's. Billy was very personable and an inspiring speaker. I am glad I had the opportunity to listen to him speak, and get his autograph on the now critically acclaimed novel, "Money Ball".

E is for Excited!
I have so many great plans in the works for this year!!! Races, events, trips, projects and volunteering - I can't wait to tackle them all! I have a triathlon coming up in a few months, two mud events this year, and a return trip to California and the dude ranch! Additionally, I'll be volunteering with the local zoo this year, and even participating in a street mural painting!

F is for Forgot

I forgot to include this letter originally!

G is for Good

I say it all the time, but life really is good. Of course my life isn't perfect 24 x 7, and heaven knows I have my ups and downs, but I just don't focus on them! I focus on my friends and family, and of course, all the events and stuff above that I'm excited about. I try my best to not look back and just focus on moving forward. I've made one of my mantras for this year, "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!" and ya know what, it's coming!

H is for Harley and Hercules

Damn it, I WILL be signed up for riding lessons in June this year! There have been some technical difficulties with my ability to sign up - 1) the website doesn't take gift cards, 2) the place I want to ride is moving - GAH!!! but neither will stop me damn it! Due to my schedule, as insane as it is, I'll be officially signed up by May for lessons.

Shorty and Hercules, Shorty Rossi's #1 dog, are on tour this year and I will be meeting them both in July - so stoked! If those names look familiar but you can't quite place them, check out Pit Boss on Animal Planet.

I is for Idiots
I get to witness quite a few of them in action more often then I'd like to, but the take away is, patience and gratitude. Patience that all people are not created (educated, or raised) equally, and gratitude that I have more common sense then they do! 

J is for Jogging
I completed my first 7K in March (versus my favored 5Ks), and have to admit, it was addictive! When I crossed the finish line, I just wanted to cry. The oddest thing is, I couldn't tell you why, other then it was just a big release and sense of accomplishment. But the best thing was, that since starting my "one per month" events this year, I have gradually reduced my time per mile. I've been able to shave 4 minutes off of my mile in 3 months.

K is for Ketchup and Kilometer

Ketchup is my favorite condiment, but how the hell did it ever, at one time, get called CATSUP?

I'm addicted to 5K's, 7K's and think I might even be insane enough to try a marathon. We'll see about that one, though!

L is for Left Handed

I write left handed, eat left handed, but bowl and throw things right handed. I can't use left handed scissors to save my life, and actually cut things (with scissors) with my right hand. I play tennis with both hands interchangeably to avoid a backhand swing, bat right handed and kick right legged (does that count?).

M is for Mantras and Margaritas

I've never really focused on a mantra until now, and I'm realizing it totally helps!!! My favorite this year has been, "The best is yet to come!" I'm reminded frequently through quotes, that thoughts become words and that words become actions so I better make sure I'm thinking with a positive mind!!! What's your positive, feel good mantra? (Make it a good one!)

Margaritas are best when shared with friends and loved ones, especially really, really big margaritas!

N is for Never

Never give up! Even when you're this far behind in a blogging challenge, just do what you can and move forward! : )