Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dress 1 of 12

I challenged myself to wear a skirt/dress 12 times this year as wearing them is totally out of my comfort zone! This is dress event #1 of 12.
Not a great picture, but not bad for my first run!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tri Like A Girl

Today I completed my first sprint distance triathlon and while I am happy to have achieved this goal, I am reminded that good friends make the difference when pursuing life's journeys! That said, here are some triathlon observations and lessons for next time.

If you are going to maneuver a tandem kayak, practice with your partner (more then once) before the actual event.

If your partner insists on paddling like a doofus the day of said event, sit back and just steer. It's pretty much all you can do anyway.

While I appreciated the breeze during the 95* weather, it really didn't have to blow AGAINST me as I was trying to ride up the last HILL to get to the finish line.

When other bikers on the pathway (on their return trip) pass you and say, "You're almost there!" - they're lying! Complete lies, all of it! Just figure you still have a million more miles to go, and then you won't be disappointed. (Longest 4.5 mile ride ever to get to the turn around point!)

Medals and event t-shirts are addictive!

Thank you to the gentleman cutting the field/savanna grass along the bike path with your industrial tractor size mower. I enjoyed having dust, debris and grass clippings strewn about my face, body, and bike. I felt like "one" with nature - bring it on!

You can't pedal worth a damn on a sandy trail.

If you "hydrate, hydrate, hydrate" you WILL have to "pee, pee, pee".

Starting a triathlon is pretty cool, but finishing a triathlon is even better! Finish lines are a beautiful thing!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I can't help it. I love this. It's annoying.
I don't know why I even find it funny, but I do!

Monday, June 11, 2012


T is for Tired.

I'm tired, and seem to always be tired. Ok, well just tired as of the last week or so, despite eating relatively well and taking vitamins. I exercise and get...well, some sleep. But I really am tired of fighting the Tired Monster who seems to have taken up resident in my body. Some people tell me to slow down, and don't be so active - but I don't feel like I'm that active. Or am I? And I just don't realize it anymore?
T is also for Thankful.

I was bored in a meeting today and was near falling asleep when I decided to pull out my pen and paper in efforts to keep my brain occupied, and well, let's face it, AWAKE. Now typically I would doodle in my notebook, but I've realized that the people sitting around me can quite clearly and easily see big happy faces, horses, or whatever silliness finds my paper so I decided to (hopefully) make it look like I was taking notes by writing down things I am thankful for. NO - I am not the eternal optimistic (ok, well maybe I am) but I just highly believe that thoughts become actions and there's no sense in dwelling on the negative. Instead of counting my woes, I do my best to count my blessings. My list included the items below, which don't necessarily have to make sense to you:

Cubs baseball games
Free workouts in the gym
A healing foot - low to no foot pain!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I started this draft the 15th of May, and am just now returning to finish it or, really, start it I guess. I don't have a set topic versus a lot of randomness, so here goes.

It's June, not May... My right foot is really buggin' me, I've self diagnosed the dorsal pain as tendinitis but will be following up with a professional as soon as I can. In the mean time, it pretty much stinks and prevents me from running... I RAN (ok, jogged) non-stop, my first 5K last month to promote the Cancer Wellness Centers of America. It was an amazing mental victory for me and I loved it. Up until now, I've been jog/walking my 5Ks... Chili Lime and Jalapeno Pop Chips are NOT good, BBQ really is the only way to go... Today (against better foot judgement) I walked a 5K for the Lincoln Park Zoo with friends and again, loved it. This was our 4th annual "United Run For the Zoo" walk and the weather was beautiful. We rode our bikes to the zoo, and then commenced the walk. Great day to be outside, period... Liquid, drinkable yogurt is just not my thing - gross... I have completed all educational training for the zoo and will be officially volunteering for the first time next week, I can't wait! I have learned so much about the zoo and it's conservation efforts and am excited to be a part of something so amazing...  As of this morning, I am/was down a total of 41 pounds for the year. I am so excited to be getting healthy and active again... Yesterday I had a great day at Grant Park and participated in the SELF Workout and got to workout and meet, "The Biggest Loser" trainer, Dolvett Quince... I love my friends and am thankful for them (I just had to mention that, as I appreciate their support in all my endeavors!)... I enjoyed the BEST flat bread Margherita pizza ever on Navy Pier at The City Porch - wow is all I can say, most flavorful food item I've had in a long time... I've been working on achieving 10,000 steps per day, and more often then not, I hit and exceed that goal. I've even had 20K+ days and love it... I'm excited that it's only June and feel like I've already taken advantage of the great weather, knowing there's still 2+ months of great, great weather to come... I really LOVED the movie Men In Black 3, but have to admit I had to see it twice since I fell asleep in the theater the first time... I am not enjoying my ASL class at the moment due to a sweet, but ineffective teacher. I am really struggling to stick out the last 3 sessions in efforts to move on to the next level class.  I am hoping that the next teacher will be more interactive, and most importantly not late to every class... So I mentioned it's June and I am still pop/soda free! But have to admit, I still want it EVERY day! Does anyone struggle with this? When does it get better? The one great thing about no pop is that since I feel that certain foods (think McDonald's Quarter Pounder and fries) just CAN'T be enjoyed without a Coke makes me eliminate them all together. Just can't fathom a greasy burger, fries and a water, gross... I am STOKED that the season premier of Drop Dead Diva is airing tonight, in just under an hour! I don't follow much TV, but Sunday seems to be my "guilty pleasure hour". While DDD has been on hiatus, I found myself in love with the new program, "Once Upon a Time" and can't wait for the next season!  You should check it out, both of them... My first triathlon is in 17 days, REALLY hoping my foot is better by then... I think I'm out of things to type here except, some people find it odd that I love the Blues (music) but hate Jazz - I don't really think it's that hard to understand?  Do you?