Monday, June 11, 2012


T is for Tired.

I'm tired, and seem to always be tired. Ok, well just tired as of the last week or so, despite eating relatively well and taking vitamins. I exercise and get...well, some sleep. But I really am tired of fighting the Tired Monster who seems to have taken up resident in my body. Some people tell me to slow down, and don't be so active - but I don't feel like I'm that active. Or am I? And I just don't realize it anymore?
T is also for Thankful.

I was bored in a meeting today and was near falling asleep when I decided to pull out my pen and paper in efforts to keep my brain occupied, and well, let's face it, AWAKE. Now typically I would doodle in my notebook, but I've realized that the people sitting around me can quite clearly and easily see big happy faces, horses, or whatever silliness finds my paper so I decided to (hopefully) make it look like I was taking notes by writing down things I am thankful for. NO - I am not the eternal optimistic (ok, well maybe I am) but I just highly believe that thoughts become actions and there's no sense in dwelling on the negative. Instead of counting my woes, I do my best to count my blessings. My list included the items below, which don't necessarily have to make sense to you:

Cubs baseball games
Free workouts in the gym
A healing foot - low to no foot pain!

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