Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tri Like A Girl

Today I completed my first sprint distance triathlon and while I am happy to have achieved this goal, I am reminded that good friends make the difference when pursuing life's journeys! That said, here are some triathlon observations and lessons for next time.

If you are going to maneuver a tandem kayak, practice with your partner (more then once) before the actual event.

If your partner insists on paddling like a doofus the day of said event, sit back and just steer. It's pretty much all you can do anyway.

While I appreciated the breeze during the 95* weather, it really didn't have to blow AGAINST me as I was trying to ride up the last HILL to get to the finish line.

When other bikers on the pathway (on their return trip) pass you and say, "You're almost there!" - they're lying! Complete lies, all of it! Just figure you still have a million more miles to go, and then you won't be disappointed. (Longest 4.5 mile ride ever to get to the turn around point!)

Medals and event t-shirts are addictive!

Thank you to the gentleman cutting the field/savanna grass along the bike path with your industrial tractor size mower. I enjoyed having dust, debris and grass clippings strewn about my face, body, and bike. I felt like "one" with nature - bring it on!

You can't pedal worth a damn on a sandy trail.

If you "hydrate, hydrate, hydrate" you WILL have to "pee, pee, pee".

Starting a triathlon is pretty cool, but finishing a triathlon is even better! Finish lines are a beautiful thing!

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