Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quiet

In the hustle and bustle of your busy day, where do you seek out quiet? Do you sneak away for a lunch break? Do you wait until you're home to relax and unwind? Do you wait for the weekend to come in order to sneak away for some down time? I'm not always good at making "down time" a priority, but I'm learning to make the most of the times when I am down.

I've begun to (or at least am trying to) appreciate the rush hour traffic when I'm stuck in my car. I turn off the radio, relax and resign myself to the fact that I cannot change my situation or make the traffic move faster. It sucks, yep. And when I really have somewhere I consider important to go, I get majorly pissed and can be seen flailing about in my car yelling at the traffic gremlins who have obviously caused the delays on the road (yes, I am THAT person). But over all, I realize that getting upset and yelling doesn't get me anywhere. I'm still in my car, and I'm still inching along. With this, I also try not to be that person who doesn't let people into my lane or "give" when I consider what other drivers are doing to be idiotic. In general, I am working on being a more "zen" like driver. I can't control how long I'm stuck in my car, but I can control my attitude about it. I'm a work in progress of course, but quieting the radio, quieting my brain, and quieting my heart seems to be working  and helping make rush hour traffic, well, not so bad.

Where do you seek your quiet time? Is it the obvious peaceful places? Or could you get better at making quiet time in those stressful meetings, rush hour traffic and horrible doctor's appointments?  Take the time to find quiet in everything that you can, whether it's a good or bad environment. Make the most of your time, you are the master of your quiet and quiet doesn't have to be in the most peaceful of places. Quiet is in your brain after all. Use it, and get quiet.

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