Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Cable

In efforts to safe money I've been reviewing my monthly bills to see where, if at all, I can cut back my spending. I constantly believe (and know) that I over pay for internet and cable through my local carrier compared to my usage of both services. I'm hardly ever home to watch TV, and since getting a Smart Phone barely use my home based wi-fi either. That being said, I started to shop around.

Earlier this year my cable company increased my bill by $11 due to "standard increases", and I called and protested (calmly). Not only did I get the increase reversed but I got an additional channel added to my basic package and updated internet speed. Fair enough (at that time) I thought. But still, I know over pay. So after comparing my current payments with that of competitor products, and truly being prepared to switch carriers, I called my cable company.

Upon receipt of my call, I calmly explained that, "I'm prepared to go with your is their current rate...can you do anything to compete with their prices?". After much review of my account and long silence, the operator stated she could come down in price on my bill by about $16. While appreciated, it still was more than the competitor's offer so I asked, "Is that the best you can do?". Again I was met with a pause, hesitation, and more "review" of my account. Tara, the operator, then came back and stated she could deduct another $12 from my monthly rate and that was her final offer. $28 dollars of reductions later, I told her we had a deal.

Feeling victorious, I still maintain my free extra channel that is not included in my basic package, my higher rate of internet speed and am locked in to this discounted rate for 12 months (without having an actual contract). Due to just merely asking for reductions, I am saving a total of $39 per month on my cable and internet package. I smile as I sit and type this, and think, "Who knew you could haggle your way down to what you want to pay for cable?".

Yesterday I signed my lease extension agreement and edited the total monthly price on the contract in efforts to negate my property's proposed rent increase. Let the barter games begin!

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