Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kooky!

I meet the weirdest people. Ok, maybe it’s not the people that are weird, versus the stories they choose to share with me? None the less, my friends can testify (and you know who you are) that random people will come up to me, and tell me very random life stories.

Last night I indulged in a bit of pampering and decided to get a hair cut, followed up with a manicure and pedicure. I had never been to this particular salon (for the mani-pedi) but it was close to the hair parlor, so I thought, “What the heck?” and went in. I was quickly seated in a spa chair and submerged my feet in the tub of warm water and my brain into my Smart Phone.  Realizing, as I switched from my now finished pedicure to the beginning of my manicure that I had all but ignored my technician, I put away my phone and began attempting small conversation in efforts to show her that I really could be a “people person”. And here’s where the story gets kooky.

Somehow the topic of family came up and I responded that I was not married. At first I was relieved to what hear I considered Zen-like wisdom from my girl Ivy, stating that I shouldn’t look for love, but that it will find me. Followed up with, "the right person will make your heart beat faster and that you will “just know” when you meet “the one”". Next, she inquired about my preferences. Do I travel, do I like wine, did I want kids, am I open minded, etc. I thought for the most part these questions were pretty harmless until she asked me if I had any immediate travel plans. I stated my upcoming travels included California and South Carolina. Immediately her eyes lit up and she quickly cut me off to say that I “must go to Charlotte!”.  I gave her a puzzled look as she wrote down a name of a male (I can’t say whether he’s a gentleman or not as I’ve never met him) and said that I should contact him for a relationship. The icing on the cake is that this person is in his 60’s and “well established”. I inquisitively asked her how she knew this person, she grinned and did not respond.

Ok – kookville! First off, I don’t need a match maker (ok, maybe I do but I’ll start with e-harmony first!), and I surely don’t want to be set up by a stranger with a stranger! Additionally, I'm pretty certain that I don't want to date someone 25+ years my senior! I don’t care if this person could be part of the “Millionaire Matchmakers” club! And the fact that you, little Miss Matchmaker, won’t tell me how you know this person makes me afraid to know what it is you’ve done with him or for him. Kreepy!!! Should I be flattered that you think I am "good" enough to be matched up with your "well established", old "friend"? GROSS!!! I think I will try my luck in my own back yard first!

My mind continues to be intrigued by the krazyiness of last night's conversation, but trust me, I will not be “Facebooking” this individual or visiting this individual and I surely won’t be returning to the salon, either! I have to admit though, my nails look awesome in OPI’s Koala Berry polish!

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