Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Meet Me on Monday

I've been struggling with an "M" post for the past three days! After having written two separate posts (and deleting two separate posts) I remembered something from my old blog, the "Meet Me On Monday" activity! Quadruple win - Meet, Me, Monday, and the subject is all about Mother's Day! Woo-whooo!!!

1.  For Mother's Day I will probably...Take my mom out to dinner and a movie - or something of the sort.

2.  What is your favorite dish that your Mom makes?A bologna sandwich with Miracle Whip, with the crusts cut off, cut on the diagonal. (Ahh, childhood!)

3.  Who are you a "Mom" too? Tird the Cat and he's a hand full! Of course, there are days I feel like a mother to many of my co-workers as well...but don't tell them that!

4.  What did you have for Mother's Day dinner?To be determined, but I'm betting my mother will have some type of lobster dish...

5.  What is your fondest memory of your Mom?I think going to a Cubs game, and exploring the city with her...

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