Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Inspire

This is my second attempt at creating a post for the letter, "I". I started with the word "incredible" and didn't feel very inspired, so I decided to switch topics to the word, "inspire" hoping that it would inspire some good blogging. I'm not so sure that my methodolgy is working, but here goes.

Sometimes people say that I inspire them, and I have to giggle as I think, "If they knew the real me, they'd know better then to say that". I don't feel like I have my shit together any more then the next person, so how in the hell do I inspire anyone? I struggle day to day to find what inspires me, and more so, to get off my butt and go after what it is I want or want to do. I struggle to believe in myself. The fact is though, through my ups and downs, I never stop trying.

So how do I keep moving? What inspires me? A hard and grueling workout inspires me, running clears my brain and helps me live in the now (even if I don't get to do much of it these days). People who run marathons inspire me, people who simply try inspire me. I can't stand the, "I mights" and the, "Let me think about its" - just commit and do it! Dick Hoyt (about the only positive thing one of my old directors at work introduced me to) inspires me. He is completing his 30th Boston Marathon this year!

Animals inspire me. The ability of an abused animal to overcome it's past pain and forgive, love and live in the moment inspires me. Training dogs and seeing the changes they can make inspires me to be a better human being, and reminds me that change is possible. Bonding with my zoo animal friends (even if the relationship is a one sided spectator sport), particularly the gorillas at Lincoln Park Zoo, allows me a break from humanity and to envision the world through their eyes. A world where tiffs are settled as quickly as they begin and grudges aren't held. A world where power abounds, but is never abused. Kowali and Kwan, yes gorillas, inspire me.

Nature inspires me. While walking outdoors, breathing in the fresh Spring air and listening to the birds sing I close my eyes often. I feel that if I can just some how absorb all of nature's beauty and light, that I can be as equally good, pure and calm. (Still working on this one)

Believing that great things will happen, and that happiness is right around the corner inspires me. Some people probably think I'm a ridiculous optimistic, and not realistic, but wouldn't you rather believe in the good things, then the crappy ones? I know that ugly things happen in this world, but they're surely not inspiring.
So what inspires you? What helps you live in the moment? What makes you happy? Do you lead an inspired life? If not, get to it and you might just inspire those around you!

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