Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Breakfast

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lynn who hated breakfast. She didn't like any of the typical items one might eat for breakfast. She turned up her nose at eggs, and cereal and didn't really like toast either. There were few exceptions to these dislikes however. Once in a while, Lynn would pick out the marshmallow treats from her sister's box of Lucky Charms or engage in a bowl of Fruit Loops...

Lynn, that's me of course, has come a long way from the kid who requested (and usually received) bologna sandwiches or macaroni and cheese for breakfast instead of the traditional morning fare. 
I remember receiving numerous parental requests to try new foods served at the kitchen table. Typically I would indulge them in the matter, and even found some things that I actually liked. The items that I turned up my nose at were met with a reply similar to, "Wait 'til you're older, your taste buds will change.". "Right," I thought in disdain.

Somehow, somewhere over the past 30+ years, I've learned to eat breakfast. Today my palette is much more robust then that of the child who sat in the corner chair of the kitchen table but I admit, I
still don't enjoy things like cereals, oatmeal, and certain berries as part of my breakfast regime. My taste buds and I do however, enjoy a well balanced breakfast and even some other items that I swore off at the ripe age of probably 7. (Yes Mom, I now enjoy garbanzo beans and beets in my salads, and even roasted brusselsprouts - but I digress.)

My favorite breakfast items these days are wraps and Denver omelets. I'm not a big "carb" person where breakfast is concerned, and indulge in gluten free pancakes only once in a while. The main morning meal staple for me has been a warm corn tortilla topped with sriracha sauce, layered with low fat cheese and slices of avocado warmed together until melted and then topped off with a serving of Eggbeaters and habanero salsa - now that's this girl's dream meal right there! If I'm not able to indulge in my wrap, then I'm switching up the most important meal of the day with eggs served over easy with a side of fruit, or dining out and enjoying the coveted Denver omelet and/or skillet.

It's been a 30+ year long journey to come to the conclusion that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and now, it's actually my favorite. More so, the journey has proven that breakfast doesn't have to include junk food and Pepsi and "breakfast" can even be served for dinner! I'm amazed at how much my taste buds have grown up and am happy to continue to expand my food preferences as life continues. Per usual, my parent's adage was right..."Wait 'til you're older..." they said often. I've waited, and know their advice applies to a lot more than just breakfast.

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