Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Faith

I've been thinking about the "F" word quite a bit lately. Okay not that "F" word, the one in the subject line, you know, faith. Of course when faith is mentioned, it usually goes hand in hand with God and religion. And while I believe in God, and have faith that there is a bigger, universal plan for me beyond my comprehension, this isn't a post about religion. It's about faith.

Faith is believing what you can't see, and heaven knows that I can't see my future any more then you can. Despite not knowing how my life might turn out, I have to believe that it will be more than what it is today. I have faith that I will find the love of my life; my true my soul mate, that I will make a career out of what it is that I love (whatever that may be), and that life will be that bowl of cherries that everyone talks about.

Don't get my wrong, my life isn't bad now. I love my life, but hope and have faith that there is more in store for me. Currently, my life is pretty well rounded with family and friends, extra-curricular activities, sporting/race events, volunteering, dog training, and work. But I still long for more. I have faith that there will be more. What do you have faith in?

Besides life, I have faith in my friends and their ability to listen and to share both the good and bad times without judgements. I have faith in my ability to make a difference in people's lives whether I know it's happening or not. I have faith in my ability to change a life of a dog. I have faith that the things I say, and the people that I educate take a piece of my shared knowledge and a part of my smile with them. I have faith that I inspire and heal with my movie-quote advice and ability to make a fool of myself in order to make those around me laugh. I have faith that good things are right around the corner. I have faith that people will disappoint, and that people will lie but I also have faith in my ability to rebound and to be strong. I have faith that my cat will constantly find new ways to entertain me. I have faith in my goals and that they will be achieved, even if they take longer then I had hoped. I have faith that I will find that perfect pair of jeans that will make my butt look fabulous. I have faith that people are inherently good, and sometimes just need to be reminded of that. I have faith that life is what I wish for, and what I make of it. I have faith that spell check will make this post perfect, and that a good night's sleep is just a few clicks of the keyboard away.

Good night friends. Keep the faith and know that life will happen as you believe and manifest it to be. Amen. 

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