Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Dentist

I really need to suck it up and have my wisdom teeth removed, but I question the "why" behind it. It seems it's the standard to have our wisdom teeth removed whether they bother you or not as a course of "preventative maintenance", but why? No one, including multiple dentists that I've asked, can give me (what I consider) a solid reason behind the need for extraction.

After 35+ years, one of my wisdom teeth is giving me a problem, hence my consideration of removal, but seriously (of course now the teething pain has subsided) why am I pushed to remove "stuff" that seems fine (for the most part)? A
nyone out there who can offer some insight? Comments are appreciated.

Of course, after serious consideration of the removal of my wisdom teeth, I read the following article this morning. I didn't seek out the article, it just popped up in my news feed - is that a sign? I do know one thing, after reading it, I'll be sure to heavily inquire about the surgeon's methods and use of anesthesia when and if I make my appointment! Sheesh...

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