Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tird's Day 2: The Pet Shop

Prologue and previous posts to this story line can be read here: Thursdays With Tird

Tird's Day 2: The Pet Shop

"This isn't our regular pet shop", I thought to myself. "Where the hell did she find this place?", I remember thinking as we walked into the little animal store to see the "cool" (yet unwanted) cat. Upon entry, I immediately noticed the shelves of fish tanks that lined the walls from top to bottom. Some were on the floor, and I remember finding that odd as l envisioned small children or other animals playing in the water of the low-laying tanks. 

As I continued to observe the fish, my roommate walked around in search of the cat. I remember her enthusiasm was like that of a child in a candy store seeking out it's favorite treat. She scoured the aisles looking for that damn feline, and was in all but a panic thinking it had been taken home by some other shopper. I didn't care, and found her near-hysteria antics entertaining to say the least. 

Eventually the tabby-striped and white cat was spied. "Here he is!", she yelled in excitement upon finding him. I walked over to her aisle, and was introduced to "Cowboy" the cat. He was cute for a cat, and even friendly but "what a dorky name" I remember thinking. After a few pets he seemed to lose interest in us and walked away, so naturally we began to follow him. As we pursued him, he played it cool like he wasn't interested in us, but looking back I'm sure it was all part of his plan. During his stroll, Cowboy kept just as watchful an eye on the fish tanks as I did initially, and I wondered if he would allow his cat-like fishing tendencies to take over, but he did not. Instead, he walked confidently about the pet-store as if it were his job to make sure that all was secure and in order. Noticing our cat-stalking tendencies, the owner came over to address us.

The man told us what little he knew of the animal. We found out that Cowboy was out on loan to the pet shop since he "didn't do well" at the Humane Society and that any adoptions would need to occur through the proper Humane Society channels. He was was estimated to be 2 or 3 years of age and we were reminded again that he was, "very friendly".

Armed with this information, we left the store and I continued to remind my roommate that I didn't want a cat. I agreed he was cool. Cute even. But, "I don't want a cat." I stated. Besides, "Our landlord doesn't allow cats", I reminded her. Even if I did want this cat, we can't have him. What were we going to do, hide him from the landlord?

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