Wednesday, January 1, 2014

365 Page Book

~ Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book (or blog in my case). 
Write a good one. ~

Well it's here! The new year is upon us and it's time to write a new book! 2013 was a great novel for me, but facing forward, I'm excited to see how the sequel, "2014" will turn out - hence, the resurrection of this blog. Today's chapter focuses on mind, body and soul, although not necessarily in that order. 

Page one of 2014 started off with a New Year's day 5K walk. It was way too snowy and slippery for me to run, but I did squeak out a few short jogs along parts of the pathway. While I tried hard to remember that I was doing something great for my body, I couldn't help but curse the falling snow. The relentless, blustery winds made my quads and butt feel like that block of mystery freezer-burned food that you just found in the back of your Frigidaire from months ago, and still can't identify.  But I digress. As people, the dedicated runners, passed me I giggled appreciating their efforts and festive outfits, as there wasn't much else to look at in the perpetual white-out. With that said, I did manage to snap the photo below, believing it to be the most interesting site on the trail. 

"Ice Water"

After the 5K, a hot shower, and warm bowl of soup, I headed out to a local museum. At the visiting Disney Archive exhibit, I learned a lot about Walt and the humble beginnings of what is now the Disney emporium. The exhibit housed a wide-range of illustrations, re-created illustrator desks, props, costumes, and video footage. While I was soaking up an education, I also found myself soul-inspired. 

The fact that Disney started off small, with just a mouse, reminded me of my own dreams and brought to mind a Nelson Mandela quote. "One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it will not happen".  The pairing of the mouse and quote reminded my soul that it is okay to dream bigger than imagined, and more so, to believe that those dreams can actually come true. 

 " was all started by a mouse." - Walt Disney 

In addition to the mouse and the quote, I searched for something more tangible in the gift shop that I could take home with me for inspiration, but I didn't find one. Instead, I found the words below, which were far better. I took this picture believing that these are some of the best things to focus on in the new year! 

2014 Wishes

As this post comes to a close, and my cup of peppermint tea is empty, I'm thankful for the opportunity to write another page in my book. My body is thankful for the miles I walked, my mind is grateful for the knowledge received, and my soul is blessed with the inspiration gathered. I consider today, a great beginning, of yet another chapter. 

What does your first page look like?

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