Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soulful Sunday

I'm stealing, okay borrowing, a page from Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" program and making my Sunday posts into my own versions of reflections, insights, inspirations, what I'm grateful for, and an "all-around" general place for my trademark optimism. Sunday posts will be all about anything that feeds my soul in a positive direction, and hopefully yours too.

I recently came across the statement below on the Facebook page, "The Optimism Revolution" and have to say that it sums up my practice of the positive to a "t". I try to let people know that being happy is a choice and that being optimistic doesn't always come easy, yet I always feel like I flounder to inspire anyone with my definition. The statement below from Jim Willett is in my opinion, perfect. Read on. Be inspired. Be optimistic.

"I try to put a bit of light out there every day... because I know what it's like to be in the dark. Truthfully, my optimism and positive mindset haven't come naturally. And I'm definitely still a work in progress, but I've trained myself to look for the good, the beauty, in every situation; in every struggle.

We all have our inner cynics. Our inner critics. Because let's face it, there's darkness, as well as light, in every single one of us. We're not divided into good and bad. Each human soul has both. It's what humanity is; what we are. In the end, though, what's most important is the side we pick to follow. That's what defines the person we are... And the one we become."

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