Monday, January 13, 2014

Mary Monday

I was flattered to find out that a geographically challenged friend and writer, decided to write her Monday blog post about, none other than, ME! Below is her post, but I strongly urge you to check out her writings, and see what treasures her blog holds. Mary rocks! And I'm not just saying that because she wrote this awesome post about yours truly. Mary amazes me with her writings, travels, her crafts and creativity, love of family, and her ability to meaningfully connect with me and others through shared interests, intentions and social networks despite distance. 

While she may state that I'm her "Lynnspiration", I have to admit, she is mine in return. Mary is one of the few souls who inspire me and keeps me running, even when my tank is on "E". Sometimes I think, "WWMT"? That's right, What Would Mary Think? What would she think if she saw me feeling sorry for myself today? What would Mary think if I quit in the middle of this race because of the shitty weather? What would Mary think - period? Would Mary be proud of my accomplishments today? Just knowing she's out there cheering me on inspires me to try harder. Her existence makes me better. At everything. I love Mary! If you want to find out what Mary might think - check her blog out here!

by Mary Lamphere

"There is a woman I know that I find highly motivating. In her own words, “I try to let people know that being happy is a choice…” and it’s a choice she openly and frequently makes. I don’t see her often, we keep in touch through social media, texting, and the occasional snail mail exchange, but I still feel close. Our time apart does not dim my awe of her. We are very different. She is single, no kids, lives in Chicago, and *gasp* runs 5ks. (Seriously, could we be more different?!)

And she is my hero. Heroine? It matters not, she rocks!
This woman chucked the status quo years ago. Broke the mold of what she thought she was supposed to be doing with her life and began living her life as she was meant to. She has pursued and achieved more in the past half-decade than most do in their entire lives.
I’m sure you’re all familiar with WWJD? What would Jesus do? I have no problem with the message of this question, to give pause and consider before you act. It’s good advice.
But I have a better one… WILD?

WHAT IS LYNN DOING?  WILD is a dynamic question. You can still pause and consider, but then you need to act! When in doubt, just do it. Be Lynnsane! Let her lifestyle be the Lynncentive you need to be your own Lynndividual. Being happy can be Lynnfectious!
What is Lynn doing? Lynn is taking classes. Lynn is getting accredited. Lynn is drawing. Lynn is biking along the lake. Lynn is sipping margaritas on sandy beaches and horseback riding through the surf. Lynn is doing things I want to do—only she’s really DOING them. She is a body in motion.
I’ll admit it, sometimes I have shitty days. I feel like crap, I think like crap, I act like crap. I don’t like it. Sometimes it’s hard to break the crappy habit. But then I’ll see a post from Lynn and my day will shift. My frown will turn upside down. My energy levels are lifted. Lynn doesn’t have time for my moods! She has dogs to train and stairs to climbLines to zip and galleries to view. Concerts to attend and balloons to handle. Of course she has an off day occasionally, it’s Lynnevitable. But I believe those are days she puts things in perspective… and realizes external Lynnfluences be damned, it’s her life and she chooses to be happy!
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She is my Lynnspiration.
If you’d like to be Lynnspired, check out her blog, “Me, my stuff and I.”
I believe she can be so outgoing because she is so secure with what’s incoming. She works hard and earns her play. She’s athletic, intelligent, creative and grounded. She celebrates food and drink, art and exercise, learning and working, alone or with good company, she’s cool like that.
WILD? Lynncredible things, I promise.
What is Lynn doing? Showing you WYCBD!"

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