Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tird's Day 6: The Homecoming

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Tird's Day 6: The Homecoming

We pulled into the apartment complex parking lot and stopped to speak to our landlord. We gleefully announced the arrival of the newest member of our family and showed the proof of vaccinations that had been requested. In an instant, my heart sank as our landlord reviewed the documents and stated, "We've had other people bring in stray cats that have totally destroyed an apartment and caused thousand's of dollars worth of damage". It was easy to tell that he was not as excited as we were about Cowboy's coming to live with us! Despite having been a great cat "hand raised from a kitten by my aunt!", Cowboy was nothing but a liability to him. The landlord's comment quickly turned my glee into panic and I began to wonder just what the hell did we get ourselves into, and would we ever get our security deposit back? 

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