Sunday, February 2, 2014

Soulful Sunday

Today I broke in my new snowshoes and poles. Big drawback, they kick up a lot of snow on my backside. This is the negative side of having the awesome bindings that only Atlas seems to have thought of. What to do? Settle for a wet ass, or get shorter shoes and have to deal with adding and subtracting tails to them depending on the snow? Obviously, first world, winter sport problems. 

So my gear review aside, the soulful part of my day was in taking pride in accomplishing everything on my "to-do" list (this post is officially the last thing on my list!), a great dog training session, and afterwards, getting to play in the snow. Below are some photos I took at the beach today. I was happy to connect with nature, the numerous bunnies I saw, and the elusive Cardinal that I never did catch "on film".

So go ahead, check out my photos below, set your lists aside and follow my lead. I'm relaxing "toes up", and enjoying some spirits by candlelight. Cheers and sweet dreams my 

~ Shoes & Poles ~

~ Tree Cavern ~

~ Wild Bunnies ~ 

~ Perspective ~ 

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