Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grumpy B*tch!

I had an amazing day today! I woke up to breakfast with friends, and had an amazing day dog training. My Intermediate class rocked their graduation, and I couldn't be more proud of their progress! I was on a natural high. Until...

I met the Grumpy B*tch.

My day was to end with picking up a package that I had shipped to my mother's address. Being the awesome kid that I am, I decided to shovel her parking spot, sidewalk and general area. And then it appeared. The Curmudgeon. Peaking It's head out of the door way, I was angrily instructed that I should not be adding any snow to her "area" and that she would have to talk to management about me. As I tried to explain I wasn't impacting any of her "area" in a negative manner, the response I got was that of a slamming door, and I now found myself being observed from the bathroom widow. 

WTF I thought, unbelievable! Now let me clarify here. I added snow to the communal bushes and lawn area. Not her sidewalk, not her parking area, nor any area that would cause her to have to re-shovel. I put three shovel-filled scoops of snow on a communal parkway. An area where no one is walking, and  got yelled at to keep "my" snow on "my" side. 

First, I don't know how any one can claim ownership of snow and where it should be put. Secondly, who has the time and effort to be grumpy about snow removal? Really lady? Just as I was pondering these thoughts, long after I had moved on from shoveling any snow in the Hag's direction, It appeared again. This time, It exclaimed where her property line was and screamed that no more snow should be added. Whatever lady, I thought! Again, the door slammed before I could say anything intelligible.

As I continued to shovel, I waved hi at the hawk eyes appearing from the bathroom window just to annoy her, and found myself more and more pissed off by her actions. What I couldn't figure out is, what had pissed me off the most? Was it lack of a witty reply? Probably. But after much examination, it was just her. I prayed that I never end up a lonely, angry battleaxe with nothing better to do than find fault in neighborly good deeds. I prayed for her to have a change of heart. I prayed for my own heart to change as well. I prayed for the serenity to just let the incident go. I tried but...

Thirty minutes or so later, I took my mom's dog out to relieve himself. As I was bending over to pick up his waste, I saw the Witch standing in her doorway with broom in hand I swear, making sure I "scooped the poop". Now I was just enraged! As someone who really tries to find the positive, and be at peace in this life, I could not comprehend how someone could just actively search for things wrong in this world. Go turn on the 24 hour news channel if you want that kind of entertainment! 

Again, I waved hi and heard the door slam. I tried to kill her with kindness. I tried to be the bigger person, but I know nothing impacted this "lady" in a positive manner. I think what I found most upsetting was the concept of someone so miserable in life, that they had nothing better to do than complain, seek out and create issues. I do not surround myself with people like this, so I find it almost surreal when I stumble across someone who behaves as such.

I admittedly have had problems letting my run-in with the Old Maid go. But I will. And I will live a life so full, and surrounded by love, friends and family that I never have to go looking for attention if even in a negative manner. Live and love well my readers. Sow the seeds you want to reap later in life. Plant love. Plant friendship. And do it now.

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