Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Austin: Day 3

I rocked it. Totally, rocked it. I had to make a presentation to my entire team today and yep, I rocked it. I felt confident, kept my presentation positive and commanded my audience's attention. My talk ended with applause, lots of compliments, and numerous levels of management asking me for a copy of my slide deck! Woo-whoooo! I rock! (See a theme here?) Now off to Austin's famous, Perry's restaurant. Can't wait to sink my teeth into one of their famous steaks, and sip a nice glass of wine. Or two. Or three. Work hard, play hard!

PS) I'd go for their famous pork chop, but was warned at last night's bar by a very cute bartender that it's literally a side of a pig and I'd never be able to finish it! Check them out, they're even coming to Chicago soon! Yum! 

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