Monday, August 3, 2015


The Question othe Month is hosted by Michael G D'Agostino from the blog A Life Examined. The first Monday of each month I'll be answering a question posed by Michael. Here is this month's question:

If your parent or child committed a major crime, would you turn them in?

This should be a simple "yes or no" question, but the first thing that comes to mind is, "What crime did they commit?". Of course, I don't have children to reflect upon in this pondering, but I think I would lean towards turning my child in with hopes of teaching them a lesson, while being a bit more lenient on my parent depending on the crime committed. 

With that said, I can assume that I'd fail as a public servant with judgement like this, but seriously? Are we talking about jay-walking, or are they asking me to help hide the body? Was it intentional or an accident? I've learned the hard way to never judge a situation or the people in them unless I've been there myself. So, as long as I am not a Supreme Court Justice with black and white guidelines, mine will remain blurred! 


  1. It should be a simple yes or no question? I dunno.. I think it's far from simple. Why would you be more lenient on your parents, who are old enough to know better, but turn your child in as a lesson? I think a major crime would be considered murder and along those lines, definitely not jay walking!

    1. Hi Madilyn! Thanks for stopping by! I think I'd be tougher on my kid in order, or in hopes of, teaching them a life long lesson and "course correcting" them for a better, and long life ahead. As for the older parents, yes they should know better but depending on the crime, should they live the rest of their (guessing) short life in a cell? That was my train of thought at least... Happy Tuesday!