Monday, August 10, 2015

Hot Dog Fest

Yep, I went. And loved every bite of it! And not once did I put ketchup on my hot-dog! There was alligator sausage topped with gourmet mustard, hot-dogs covered in potato salad and bacon, and even a bacon and pineapple hot-dog, but no ketchup. While this was a relatively small festival, I loved the attention to detail, primarily the dog dollar currency. Each bill had a well known pup on it, including FDR's beloved Fala (yes I'm partial to FDR). I should also add that the people in hot-dog costumes getting barked at by real dogs (the canine kind, not the food kind) was pretty funny, in an ironic kind of way. The weather could have been cooler, but the day itself was a lot of fun. Nothing allows your hot-dogs to settle better than walking off the calories and enjoying all that nature has to offer in the neighboring zoo and nature walk! 

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