Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not Your Average Monday...

Yesterday I was a Cubs fan by day (and yes, they won!!! Way to go Chris Bryant!) and first time Vietnamese eater by night!  Rumchata drinker at the game, and soup slurper by night! Ok, ok, I'll stop with the (not so) witty commentary! 

Unlike the afternoon Rumchata, my soup dinner included some odd (to me) items. Ok, item. It was tripe. Which, for a moment I thought was a type of fish. Go ahead, finish laughing. Yes, I had to Google what tripe was only to find out that it was a cow's stomach. Yep, that's a piece of it in the photo below. Oddly enough, I ate the first large piece without hesitation, insistent on tackling the new cuisine, but as my stomach filled, I could no longer stomach more stomach. It was definitely a mental block, but yeah, I just couldn't eat any more!

Despite the oddness of the tripe, it was almost tasteless and therefore
blended well with the rest of my Pho'. If I had to order again though, I'd choose something a little less squishy like steak or beef as the main staples of my soup. None the less, I'm glad I tried such a traditional Vietnamese dish for my first time out! It was well paired with side sauces, spices and good company. So yeah, here's to one more adventure tackled! 

What new food have you tried lately?