Friday, August 21, 2015


Thursday night my significant other, E (that's him on the right side of this post ==>), and I went Bowling for Rhinos, followed by Friday night bowling for the Ken Jarvis Memorial Fundraiser. I bowled the best I ever have on Thursday, and am not sure what happened to that lucky ball mojo by the time Friday night rolled around, but it was gone! I went from scoring a 136 (hey, don't laugh that's actually EXCELLENT for me) to just a 36 in less than 24 hours! At that point, I gave up and spent the rest of Friday night talking to good friends, good people, playing pin ball and eating way too much of the chips and dip provided. Damn kryptonite. 

Speaking of 24 hours, it's amazing what just 24 hours can change, and I'm not just speaking of bowling scores , but rather relationships. In just moments people can show you a side of themselves that you didn't imagine existed, and even if you did imagine it, you'd hope you'd never actually see. Things that could be fixed with a simple sorry, get ignored when brought to the table and are now left to, well, I'd say fester, but there is no festering. I think instead, that the questionable behavior just gets marked down, noted, and left in the past, along with the person who provided it. Per usual, I'm vague-blogging, but there's no need for details or names - then why blog about it you ask? To remind myself that people come and go, and serve different purposes in other's lives. It's allowed. Some people stay for a chapter, some people stay for longer. But when a use has been served, or lessons learned, friendships end. There's no use to be sad for the ending, but as they say, happy that it happened at all. Ok, now that this post just got all serious and Dr. Phil-like... 

Back to bowling... I so appreciated the opportunity and invites to my pre-weekend bowling experiences because I was able to help out some amazing charities that are close to my heart; animals and art, with the person (and people) I love! Life really is about giving back, and if you can have some fun along the way, with your best people surrounding you, then do it. Give back and love one another. (And now this post has just gone Jerry Springer on your a$$) Cheers!

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