Friday, September 30, 2016


Back from a quick work trip in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania (that earned me kudos and a big thank you that went all the way up to our division Vice President!), and already moving on to the next getting my wisdom teeth removed. The procedure went well, and fast, but I had to be numbed with Novocaine twice and that needle was not fun. Especially when your DDS accidentally pokes your tongue with it. 

So far, I'm in almost no pain and hope it stays that way. I'm medicating with Advil and Amoxicillin for now, and hoping to stay away from the heavier drugs prescribed. There's some slight swelling, but it's not very noticeable. I have to go out for some "soft-food" groceries at some point, but for now my life looks like that of an old man's nightstand...

Wisdom in a Bag


  1. Oh wow, you were awake for it?! Yikes. I was out, but they were pulling all 4 at once and they were all only halfway in.

    1. Yeah. I only technically "needed" the lower left out since it was partially erupted and hard to keep clean. But, since you need to have opposing teeth, the top left had to come out with it (or it would continue to grow in). The Novocaine did the trick, and my teeth haven't hurt - but man, this headache! I can't figure out if the miserable headache is due to the teeth, sinus issues (because of the teeth) or if I screwed up my neck due to sleeping with my head elevated (to prevent swelling)... I'm thinking it's the later.

    2. PS) All this teeth talk makes me think about your jaw surgery and orthodontics blog!