Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I was tired on Sunday, and exhausted on Monday. I couldn't wait to go to bed last night, but it was all for not. Despite turning in early (for me) I had trouble falling asleep, and then couldn't stay asleep, and then woke myself up having some pretty vivid dreams. 

My dreams ranged from waiting for a massage, watching someone get a really weird looking soup for lunch, being in some type of school setting, having a mere acquaintance (in real life) join me in my dream to tell me of her Facebook drama all to be topped off with me falling off a roller-coaster. That dream (or part of a dream) did me in. That dream insured I wasn't going back to bed. Thanks ya dickhead.

In the roller coaster dream I was heading up hill on the new "Joker" ride that is coming to Great America, Gurnee in 2017. I awoke in a panic and was literally kicking in bed (which, may have been what actually woke me up), because dream-land had showed me I was falling out of the ride. Nothing like waking up in a full panic. Now wide awake, I figured it was probably time to get up, so hey, I might as well start my day. It was 4am. I am not a farmer. I do not wake this early on purpose. I tried to go back to sleep but found myself then watching the clock every so often until it really was time to wake up. Two hours later I got in the shower.

What causes dreams like this? Dreams that appear to make no sense just baffle me. I've seen perhaps a 30 second clip of the Joker roller coaster ride twice. Twice. And here I am, dreaming about it? I wouldn't call myself a roller-coaster junkie, or even a theme-park enthusiast, so what gives? Looking for some logic I of course turn to the all-knowing Google machine.

According to dream dictionaries, falling off a roller coaster symbolizes that I "...have lost control of a difficult situation or that once pleasant situations in your waking life have become threatening.". Okay, now that I understand. There is no such thing as control. It's actually hurtful to know and understand that. Despite how "good" you are, you have no control over how someone treats you.  Whether it's personal or business, "they" will do whatever they want to fill their own needs with no regards to yours. Yep. I get it. I didn't need a damn freak-roller coaster dream and insomnia to get that. Who does?

Hoping tonight's dreams allow for sleep and are filled with nothing but fluffy kittens and magical rainbows. Although, maybe I should look that up in the dream-dictionary before wishing it upon myself! *whines* I need a nap!

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  1. Sounds like the kind of dream I would have. My dreams are so vivid and anxiety-provoking. Not often super scary but distressing enough to bother me very regularly and just kind of leave me drained.