Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Sit with Distractions
I can't say I was excited about my new class tonight, but thankfully my students are totally kick-ass and gave me the energy to rock out a great session! How refreshing to have "do-ers" and hardworkers in class! I absolutely loved it and was reminded what my purpose as a teacher is. 

It's hard to go weeks, or months, at a time in a teaching role where most students seem like they're on auto-pilot and not really putting in the amount of work and effort expected. And with that, not getting the results you expect from them as a teacher. You end up, or at least I end up, feeling like I don't make a difference and that my efforts and time are wasted. It makes me feel like giving up. A lot

But when you have that one (or more) special student that has a vested interest in the information you're sharing, it's amazing. When your students accept the challenges you throw at them and rise, instead of shut down, it's a true "bring a tear to my eye" moment. To see them shine and accomplish the things they didn't know were possible is probably the greatest feeling next to raising a child that I can experience.

So here's a big thank-you to the do-ers. To the students who seek out knowledge and use it. To those who master it and become greater than me and the skill set I provide - hats off to you! Thank you for making the training ride worth it.


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