Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Today I went to my first AC/DC concert! While I'm not their biggest fan, I know enough of their music to have not felt like a total poser while in attendance. I'm glad I went at the urging of my significant other because AC/DC totally rocked and put on a great show!

From pyrotechnics, to one handed guitar playing and cannons blasting, the show was just that, a show. Not just about the music, this performance was sheer eye and ear candy. Of course, that's subject to the listener, I suppose. 

Did I mention that all this rockin' took place at Wrigley Field? I may be biased, but attending a concert this large, with a band of such great stature, in one of my all time favorite places was just amazing to witness. The amount of people in the crowd, the size of the stage - it was all just mind blowing.

The band did a great job of blending new and old tunes in order to satisfy the wide range of age groups in attendance. And speaking of ages, did you know the lead singer is still rockin' out at the age of 67 years old? He didn't miss a beat or note. 

But of course, the real star of the show is Angus Young. Or as I refer to him, Angus Beef (don't ask, I don't have a good reason other than I think I'm being humorous). His legendary bright red school boy outfit  did not disappoint. Now whether he's frail and small with age, or just a petite guy (or both) he looked every bit the part of the school-age rocker with energy to match.

I think though, the best part of the night was sharing the experience with someone (E) who wanted so badly to share his love of the band with me. His passion for the band and music came through not only by watching him belt out the lyrics, but by all the tidbit information that got shared about certain songs and the band history throughout the night. The excitement was contagious, and despite sore feet (from having chosen fashion over functional shoes) I still managed to get up, pound the air with the rock and roll sign and shook it all night long! 

After the encore and fireworks, the stadium lights returned. We sat and watched the crowds dissipate while trying to take in all the glory of the night. It was memorable and great to be part of what I am sure will be a historical show. We were truly Thunderstruck. 

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