Thursday, January 1, 2015


I rang in the new year calmly and peacefully with my love last night. Dinner was an amazing, if I say so myself, surf and turf dinner followed by the movie, Interstellar. Afterwards, we grabbed a drink and headed home to watch the countdowns. As the ale flowed, we celebrated midnight for hours, from time zones spanning Chicago to somewhere on the west coast.

As the musical acts danced across the screen, I happily refelcted on the past year and am so excited for the year to come. My excitement for 2015 reaches beyond the "hope of a new year" or "fresh start" that comes with January 1st. My excitement is in the belief of life changes to come. Of course, there are resolutions too, but I'm choosing to keep those details to myself. I'm sure if you follow me here, you'll see the fruits of my resolution labors come to pass, but until then I'm wishing for you that 2015 is everything you need it to be! 

Here are some new year day photos taken during a hike with friends, and what happy looks like!


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