Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Musings

Random thoughts and experiences from the weekend...

I went to a germ infested waterpark (for the first time) and...well...I actually liked it!

Water slides aren't as scary as they look.

I cannot get out of an inter tube gracefully. Not. At. All.

Using chopsticks to eat soup is not productive.

New equipment at my recently renovated gym kicks major butt.

Trying to flip someone the bird in rush hour traffic while wearing mittens is about as useful as that soup and chopstick combination.

My first official, all mine, dog training class rocked tonight and (finally) reminded me why I fell in love with training in the first place! (Phew, I was worried for a while!)

Watching gratitude in motion is the most amazing thing I've witnessed this holiday season.

I'm excited it's finally snowing (not excited that it's cold, there is a difference!) so I can dust off the ol' snowshoes and go exploring! 

New Year's resolutions are still going strong (yeah, I know it's only the 5th but I'm rockin' it!) and I hope yours are too!

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