Monday, November 9, 2015

Red Cup Stupidity

Have you heard what terrible thing Starbucks has done now (besides overcharge for it's coffee that no one will stop buying - myself included)? According to a man who has nothing better to do then create anti-Starbucks campaigns, the bean-processors have taken Christ out of Christmas, and Christmas away from their consumers in the way of a new holiday cup design. What's so offensive about the cup you ask? The new, sleek and simply designed seasonal cup is a plain red cranberry color that sports their green and white logo. Hmm. Offensive? Anti-Christmas? Excuse me, but isn't red, green and white all colors associated with Christmas? Or is that just the Italian flag? I think after this post I will make a video about all the countries Starbuck's is excluding by only supporting a 3 color design on their cups, no? I digress in the name of stupidity examples (hopefully I haven't given anyone any bad ideas) but come on!

The idiot video maker raising the ruckus believes that excluding the words Merry Christmas from the cup is Starbuck's way of being anti-Christian, and anti-Christmas. Ironically though, Starbuck's most well-known, best selling seasonal blend of coffee is called, CHRISTMAS blend. Dude, find a new hobby and fight for a real cause, like wounded veterans and the poor after care they receive once they've returned home. The fact is, your "movement" isn't even an effort to boycott Starbucks, but rather aggravate the help by "tricking" them into saying Merry Christmas by telling them that's your name (which they then write on the cup you've ordered). I'm pretty sure they'd write any name you give them on your cup provided you pay for it.  And speaking of names, I've purposely left out the video-maker's name and information in efforts to not regale him to any higher standard of internet fame then what he has already obtained. 

The fact is Christmas, the holidays, the non-holidays - whatever you observe or don't, is and always will be, what you make of them and what you carry in your heart. Christmas and God are not found in a design of a cup and if you think they are, I feel sorry for you. Christmas and (any) religion or religious based holiday are not a floor plan confined to a church, a particular saying, or even a seasonal greeting. Long story short, believe in what you believe in, celebrate it, and enjoy your coffee in whatever damn cup it comes in.

PS) In doing minimal internet research, I don't see where Starbuck's ever printed "Merry Christmas" on their cups, versus having seasonal wishes and snowmen galore adorn the beverage holders. 


  1. I couldn't remember what past holiday cups looked like. God, who cares? These people are just batshit crazy... I don't understand!

    1. In my opinion, he's just an idiot looking for his five minutes of fame. Starbucks has never claimed to be a Christian based company, and it's not like they put baby Jesus on their cups and then withdrew the design. It's a matter of something that never was.