Friday, October 2, 2015

Cider Boys

Lake Zurich could learn a thing or two from the city on how to throw a beer tasting festival. Instead of focusing on how cold it was, or how poorly the space was used, or the fact that some advertised vendors were not actually on site and most beers were out of stock before I had a chance to try them; I'll focus on the fact that I had great company!

Okay, okay, it wasn't all that bad actually. I loved the Cider Boys, "Mad Bark" cider so much so that I went back 3 times for more samples! As for beers, the pink drink pictured was probably the most interesting beverage of the night. It's a Rhubarb beer by Not Your Father's Root Beer company and was pretty smooth and tangy. And though I'm not a pumpkin fan, there was a beer called Pumpkin Spice Latte that tasted exactly like it's namesake. 
While this wasn't my favorite tasting event of all time, I hope being only in it's infancy and second year, that the Lake Zurich Craft Beer Festival continues to grow and evolve. I do appreciate having been able to scarf down some yummy potato pancakes, try some new drinks that I would have been afraid to purchase otherwise, hang out with the significant other and new friends and even find a new favorite cider. Move over Angry Orchard, the Cider Boys are taking over!

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