Monday, July 20, 2015


My weekend didn't go as planned, mainly due to the weather squashing my efforts to have fun, but I didn't let that stop me from having a good time. While I was disappointed, I have to admit the following things were pretty cool...

- I visited the cutest baby in the world. Yes I'm biased. And no I don't care. And speaking of babies, if you let your toddler scream and cry for 40 minutes in my establishment, I'd yell at you, not your kid.

- Pitch Perfect 2 was aca-mazing.

- Chiropractors and massages are awesome!

- I completed week one of both the BFL and C25K programs and all I can say is ouch! 

- Spa days are always amazing, especially when paired with shopping!

- Unexpected but totally delightful emails and texts will always make me smile.

- Time spent catching up with friends over summer drinks served in mason jars is just awesome.

- Helping others is the best way to feel better about anything. 

- Venus De Miles, Ditka Dash and Bowling for Rhinos - can't wait for these events and other trips planned for later this year!

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