Monday, July 27, 2015


I love the city of Chicago in the summertime. Well okay, to be fair I love it even in the winter time as long as I'm focusing on snow-shoeing and not shoveling my car out of a parking spot! But I digress. Summer in the city is just magical. There are Cubs games, colorful planters full of blooming flowers everywhere, the sun is shining (most of the time), and there are plenty of outdoor dining opportunities to be had! To me, dining outside is the epitome of summer in Chicago, especially when you can find places with garden settings, versus sidewalk store-fronts. 

This summer weekend was filled with new people, new places, a 5K, the Cubs and brunch! While each event had it's highlights, I have to say brunch was pretty spectacular. It had way too many choices for food, but was paired with great ambiance and conversation. The garden area was amazing (the picture below doesn't do it justice) and the weather cooperated nicely. It was a nice feeling of escaping from the city, but yet being a huge part of it all at the same time. What a relaxing way to start off my Sunday (followed by a pedicure)! I finally feel like I'm getting to enjoy summer in the city!

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