Friday, June 26, 2015


Today I got to mark another item off of my bucket-list, I went to Sea World in San Diego - thanks Mindy! While I know there are many opposing views to frequenting such a place, the fact is, I still believe institutions such as Sea World and AZA accredited zoos do far more good, than harm. I believe without places like this, the human interest and education about animals who share our world would be almost non-existent. We are a very ethnocentric culture and have basically crapped all over other cultures and the creatures that co-habitat this planet.  Who would know the plight of wild animals if not for childhood school field trips to the zoo? Science class? The controversy caused by movies such as Black Fish and PETA back lash?  

While I don't discount some of the issues that opposing views share, having volunteered at a local zoo for a few years, I learned a lot about the goals, animal husbandry skills, and the requirements for an establishment to earn AZA accreditation and it is truly intense. While one may argue the captivity of animals, one cannot argue the level of care these creatures are given while in the care of AZA establishments, or the education of future generations that visiting them provides. 

I sadly realize that I will continue to see some of my favorite animals move from the endangered to extinction list, but have hope through interactive and educational shows like those at Sea World and zoos in general, that perhaps future generations will be inspired to value the Earth's creatures and make progressive changes to save them for the ages to come. I highly recommend seeing all that Sea World has to offer, go see sea for yourself!


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