Monday, June 29, 2015


I was in California this past weekend and while I got to experience some firsts, like visiting Sea World and wine country in Temecula, I have to admit that the best part of my trip was catching up with my friend with whom I was visiting. There is just such a sense of calm and peace when I'm around her. She's a no-nonsense, drama free kind of person who takes on the world head-on. She doesn't pretend that life is easy, but she doesn't make it any harder for herself either. 

Mindy, for me, makes life better by just being who she is. She's active and, aside from random ice-cream shop visits, makes relatively healthy choices that are inspiring for those around her. She doesn't lecture, she doesn't tell you "don't eat that", she just leads by example. And quite frankly, she probably doesn't care what others do around her. She's focused on doing what's best for her.

It's always hard for me to leave at the end of a Mindy-trip. She probably doesn't know that unless she's reading this, but it's true. Of course I will miss the perfect San Diego weather when I head home and all the fun things that California has to offer, but most of all, it's her. She's a great sounding board, she listens and offers educated and heart felt advice - she's just easy to be around. She's inspiring, and who doesn't want, need, and love that? I only hope that I offer a fraction of what I see in her to others. Everyone needs a friend like Mindy, and I'm thankful to have found mine! 

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