Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We all got 'em? 
But do we all keep 'em?
And why the hell do we wait so long to make 'em?

My thoughts on new years resolutions have wavered over the years from absolutes, to vague vows of change to make the goal more easily attainable. But why must we wait and pin all of our hopes for change onto the first day of the year?  The fact is, every day is a fresh start. We all wake up, God willing, with 365 days of fresh starts per year - screw January 1st! I'm not waiting because getting active now, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual just seems far easier while the thoughts are fresh in my head.

Time really is an illusion after all. We never have enough of it, so why not make your own reality now, and quit procrastinating? There's so much pressure to share your resolutions on the first, only to realize that 5 days later you've fallen off the vow-wagon and the feelings of embarrassment start to creep in. Who needs that kind of pressure? Wouldn't it be awesome if on the first of the year when your friends ask what your New Year's resolutions are, that you could respond, "It's to get healthier, and I've already done X, Y, and Z to help get me there."? Or, "I want to save X amount of dollars this year, and here are the steps I've already taken and...". Get the picture I'm drawin' for ya here? 

I guess my point is (yes, I have one) that the old adage states, if you can dream it you can do it and nowhere in that quote is there a specific start date. Just do it (no I'm not endorsed by Nike for that comment). But come on - make today your January 1st already, what are you waiting on? 

Wondering what some of my resolutions are for the new year? Ask me on the first and I'll tell you how far I've come!


  1. Actually, you should think about keeping your resolutions private/to yourself. There are recent psychological studies that say that when you state your resolutions/goals, it tricks your brain into thinking you've already accomplished something! I know that sounds so bizarre, but it's true!

  2. I can totally understand that! Hmm, mum shall be the word come January 1st!