Saturday, July 12, 2014

Awesome: Day 12

Today is a rainy Saturday which thwarted any ideas of a morning bike ride or catching the sunrise, so I made the most of this "lemon" situation and made lemonade. Well, actually I watched a Lemmon. Jack Lemmon, that is, in the 1960 movie, "The Apartment". 

Of course, what's a movie experience without the concessions, right? So, with that thought in mind, I made a breakfast sandwich, and enjoyed both it and the movie from the comforts of bed! Thank goodness for i-Pads, Netflix and Sleep Comfort. And, I must say, my sandwich was better than any theater snack! 

What's awesome about this morning is that it was enjoyable downtime which didn't require having to go anywhere, or be anywhere at a certain time AND, I now get to check one more movie off of the AFI's Top 100 list! The movie was pretty awesome, and I highly recommend it! So glad I took the time for me. The Apartment. And breakfast. It all added up to awesome!

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