Monday, February 18, 2013


I would like to thank (insert sarcasm here) the human, walking petri dish that felt the need to infect me with their disgusting collection of contamination. Thanks to the selfish jerk(s) who believed their work was more important then the health of their co-workers, I have spent the last 72 hours on my couch with the stomach flu (I'll spare you the details of THAT), along with painful coughing, sneezing, burning lungs, a runny and stuffy nose, headache, fevers and chills. In addition to being miserable, I have missed two days of work, one of which will be without pay. So again, thank you to the ass-hat(s) who felt the need to come into work, cough and hack all over, sneeze without covering your mouth or nose, and pass on your craptacular germs.

Besides missing work, I've missed time planned with friends, time set aside to volunteer and help others (something YOU, the petri dish of ick did NOT do!), and time in the gym. I've been ridiculously lethargic and bored to the point of succumbing to watching cake decorating and Joan Rivers' marathons while revamping and collaging photos on Instagram for sources of couch-ridden entertainment.

Oh - and did I mention that I have 6 days to miraculously get better and rebuild my lung capacity in order to participate (somewhat successfully) in the Hustle Up the Hancock event? Seriously, was I not meant to do this event? I am not at all happy with being sick and what it has un-enabled me to do! I have a life, damn it and I need to get back to it!

So, for those of you who are sick and feel the need to go to work and spread the "love", you can take this blog post as a personal note of condemnation from me. WORK is not that important, and neither are you. I don't mean that to sound as insulting as it may come off, but we are all replaceable. In the end, what should matter most is the life and times spent OUTSIDE of the workplace, and you have taken away 72 valuable hours from me. And yes, I'm just a little bitter about it.

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  1. Haha, the last paragraph was my favorite. People tend to think they're SO important at work. It's really comical (and sad, and maddening!). I get mad at people that do this too. I once sat near a cubicle with a guy that was soooo sick, and one of my teammates actually asked him to please leave work and go to a doctor immediately. Thankfully he DID.