Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Almost Here...

This picture should have gone with my last post, but for some reason, I couldn't upload it at the time. I call it, "The Booger Picker".

But onto February, and today's post...

I am amazed at how quickly time passes you by, whether you have any great (or not so great) accomplishments to show for it. It's mid February and lots of things are looming on the horizon! 

Cupid's holiday is just 3 days away and I just got around to taking my Christmas tree down last weekend!  Where does the time go? Do you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything you want done, completed? Or better yet, you have the time to complete your "to-do" list, but can't find the motivation or energy to do so? I unfortunately toggle between those two points of existance at any given moment.

So not only is Valentine's day coming (by the way, what are you doing to celebrate?), but so is my unicorn. Okay, unicorns don't exist, but on the 24th of this month I'll be tackling one of my "unicorns". You know, one of those things you think about, you might chase, but never get to capture? For me, my unicorn is tackling the Hustle Up the Hancock event. The Hustle is 94 flights of stairs and 1,632 steps of hell (in my opinion). So why do I want to do this event you ask? Because it's always eluded me and I want it, damn it!

In the past, I've been met with some obstacles when it comes to tackling this beast. During one year of training I dislocated my knee which ultimately sidelined me from participating. And registration? Let's talk about registration! I've attempted to register for Hustle in the past to no avail as individual registration sells out at record speed. But don't you worry, this year I got smart! I'm listening to my body and learning when to back off from training, and I joined a Corporate Team and let THEM do all the registration work for me guaranteeing me a spot! It's official, I've got my t-shirt, I've got my bib and now all I need to do is show up and earn the medal that they hand out at the top!!!

Here's to praying that nothing happens to negatively impact my climb between today, and event day! Wish me luck!!!

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