Monday, September 24, 2012


Nothing is constant but change, right? Since I want to get back to my blogging without having to re-invent the proverbial blog wheel, I decided to update and change the intent of this blog versus starting over. Isn't recycling great? Basically, I've changed the name of my blog, and opened up the time frame so it's non specific. With that said, let the blogging begin!

To update you about some of my 12 x 12 original intentions, I am happy to report that I've been maintaining my "one event per month" (or more) commitment, have gotten myself back into a size 12 pant/dress, and speaking of dresses, have worn one twice to work so far (hey, don't judge - baby steps!). I've been maintaining my chiropractic care on a regular basis, and have tried some new adventures and places (although I'm not sure if my adventure seeking has hit a total of 12 new places yet!).

Most of my time these days is sadly spent at work. With that said however, life isn't all work and no play. I still consider my part time dog training the "fun" job, and wouldn't call volunteering with the Lincoln Park Zoo "work" at all. I have to admit, I've become addicted to my Zoo Crew and the inside scoops I attain every Sunday about the "goings on" at the LP Zoo. And, I am proud to say, that volunteering was one of my original 12 x 12 intentions! I think (while it's not necessarily in different capacities) I've got the "volunteer 12 times" thing in the bag for this year, and have even made plans to continue on next year. Of course, I'm hoping to change my role from Education, to Farm in the Zoo next year, which will give me hands on experience with the zoo's farmyard animals!

Other changes? Too many to list, and probably some I've forgotten about but... I've very recently gone gluten-free. While I can't say it is the answer to my "stomach" problems, I can definitely say I have a LOT more focus and energy when eating this way, and I love it. I've had some great foods so far, but one of my favorites has been berry filled, buckwheat waffles with peanut butter - yum! (Thank goodness one of my favorite drinks, Woodchuck and Magners Cider has ALWAYS been gluten-free - YAY!)

In addition to diet changes, I've had to consider changing my exercise routine, which would mean excluding running from my regime. I love to run, and have so many goals I want to obtain with it, but am not sure if it is good for my back due to degenerative disc disease. So, while my tailbone heals from a big fall at the Tough Mudder event (see, told you I was keeping up with my monthly events!) I have time to think, and seek other opinions as to whether or not I should keep running. (Insert your thoughts here, please.)

I'll wrap this up here, as I think this is enough blogging for the moment. I mean, I wouldn't want to burn myself out the same day I come back to it, right? Looking forward to sharing more, as life unveils itself. Hope you continue to read and follow along the way.

- "Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath. Happy creating." - M.F. Ryan

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