Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Is it wrong (or weird?) that I'm already making plans for 2013? Is anyone else thinking and planning this far ahead? I sure hope the world doesn't end in December, or I'll be pretty upset about missing some pretty cool stuff! What did the Mayans know that we don't? (Wait, don't answer that!)

Dogsledding trip in upper Wisconsin - all I can say is, MUSH!!! I am so excited, God willing, to cross this one off of my Bucket List without having to spare the expense of going all the way to Alaska! (But, umm - - - visiting Alaska is on my Bucket List as well - d'oh!)

Also, I just scored tickets to see P!nk in concert next March! I cannot wait to see what an amazing show and performance this lady creates!

So, yeah... It's things like this and a lot of small things in between that keep me looking forward to the future. I can't be the only optimist out here in Bloggerville, can I?

PS) Someone recently inquired about my constant reference to having a Bucket List, and mentioned that Bucket Lists are only for old people - really? Why wait to get old? Live now is my philosophy! Any other opinions on this? Are Bucket Lists only for the old and dying? Is there ever too young an age to have such a list?

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