Thursday, January 12, 2012


If you've come here as a previous follower from my blog, "Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You", you know I'm no stranger to self induced challenges. This year's challenge finds me wanting to celebrate the number 12 by completing 12 separate challenges, 12 times each, in the year 2012! Some of my goals may seem simple to others, but obviously, if they're on my challenge list below then I have a real problem with them!

1) Schedule and attend a minimum of 12 monthly chiropractic visits.

2) Volunteer 12 times (in any capacity) throughout the year.

3) Perform 12 Random Acts of Kindness.

4) Face and conquer 12 fears (at least!).

5) Attend or go to 12 new places.

6) Participate in 12 events (one per month) throughout the year such as a 5K, charity walk, etc.

7) Wear a dress/skirt to work 12 times over the year.

8) In efforts to make more friends, meet and talk to 12 new people!

9) Learn some new things, by taking 12 new classes/seminars!

10) Read 12 new books.

11) Ride 1200 miles on bike!

12) Get back down to a size 12 (or less) this year!


  1. Good luck. Only one I wouldn't be interested in pursuing is the one about wearing a skirt or dress twelve times this year. At my age, if I'm wearing a skirt, it probably means I'm at another funeral, and heck! I've even taken to wearing slacks to them! On second thought, don't think I'm up to the 1200 miles on the bike, either, unless it's a Harley, and I'm hanging onto my hubby's back.

  2. Ha! Susan I agree - I'm not so hip on the skirt/dress idea so it's definitely a challenge! I have flashbacks to wearing dresses to school as a young child and having boys look under them. :(

    I also agree and think the 1200 miles might be more fun on a motorcycle, but hopefully I'll be doing both! I will be signing up for riding lesons this Spring/Summer! : )

  3. I know that you will be able to accomplish all your goals!