Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Look at me! Ok, well you can't really look at me (unless you're a freak and staring in my windows) blogging from my antique laptop! I haven't used this laptop for well over a year, if not closer to 2 and let me be unlady-like and share it's age. If I am estimating correctly my laptop, which Chrome no longer supports, is roughly 13-14 years old! The best thing though is, it's like those people addicted to vintage typewriters to publish their prose from - it just feels natural (so no, I don't really have an interest in updating it). So yay for me and my old 'puter reunion. One positive thing to come out of today.

Speaking of, having found a double yolk in my egg this morning (I didn't cook, my favorite chef at work spoils me by catering to my specific breakfast sandwich requests) I thought it an omen of something fun and fortuitous to come. Turns out I was dead wrong. No, my day wasn't the worst it could ever be, but it ended with my boss in tears and me near tears due to work related stress. I refuse to rehash the details here because I don't want to relive it but it totally sucked. Ok - well I'll give a small abridged version here...

Others: There's a big fat problem!
Me: Ok, here's what I will do to fix it.
Others: (21 days later) What did you do? Why? Who told you that you could? That was wrong! That was a bad decision!
Me: At least I made a decision so poop on you and your finger pointing.

End Scene

Yeah, I wish it was as simple as stated above, but in reality, that is about the gist of the situation. Despite it, I am trying to look at the positives going on. The positives that I am trying to create for myself like...

I got accepted to participate as a Team Fox member in the upcoming Chicago Marathon/5K. Umm, yeah, I'm doing the 5K portion of that run, not the marathon. None the less, I'm excited to be a part of what I consider a worthwhile charity, Parkinson's research. Parkinson's scares me. Any physical debilitating disease scares me. I can't imagine and I pray I never have to experience a disease that leaves me mentally clear, yet trapped in a restrictive body. I am not here to debate what disease in existence is worse, because quite frankly, anything without a cure is horrible. I just happened to stumble upon reading Michael J. Fox's book, "Always Looking Up" and found a connection with his work. 

In addition to this event, I've reached out to two local entities for volunteer opportunities. I am not sure what, if anything, will pan out with these two options but I do hope for something! I miss volunteering but have struggled to find a fit. These two (my new, local park district and a school) are exciting prospects that I actually feel emotionally energetic about, versus drained at the thought of doing. 

So yeah...that's me. Working on some positive things. Blogging a bit. Finding motivation to train and get in the gym. Volunteer hopefuls. I'm working on always looking up, and leave you with this quote, which I like to direct towards life itself...
“If you don't take the time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” 

― Michael J. Fox  

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