Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I keep wishfully thinking that today is Wednesday instead of Tuesday - this is something I am not enjoying! And speaking of not enjoying...

I partake in social media sites and enjoy them, for the most part any way. But when did it become acceptable, or maybe the better question is, why would you feel the need to post explicit details of your life and/or body functions? I understand that your profile is just that, yours. And because it is yours, you are free to share what you'd like. But, I also have the right to unfollow you. Despite my abilities to hide you, I can't comprehend why the idea of TMI (too much information) and over-sharing hasn't crossed your mind while you're typing out your daily rant. I mean, really - who wants to hear any of the following...

- You have explosive diarrhea and will be sitting on the toilet all day. (Really?)

- You share gross articles about diseases, insect infestations, and medical mysteries - all with disgusting images (which I usually scroll through while eating breakfast - thanks!)

- You have bladder control issues and go on a rampage about leaking and ruining your underwear. (Maybe some day this will effect me, however I'm pretty sure I won't post it as a status update)

- You re-post depressing articles about crime, murder and death in general. (I'm a realist and understand bad things happen, but why focus on them?)

- You complain and call your significant other every "name in the book", and by the next post you are madly in love all over again (Yes, we all have problems, but how about not posting them for the world to see - pick up a phone to vent instead). 

- You hate life because you have it "rough" (despite the poor decision making that got you where you are today).

- How many calories you ate today, or that you think you're fat. (Just do you. Love yourself for who and what you are!)

- Oh - and use Spell-check. I'm sorry, but your loving post to your mom on Mother's Day seems a little less special with 10 different type-o's in it. (Surely momma is proud that you did so well in school)

Maybe I'm jaded. Maybe I self protect by not posting every detail of my life on social media. I hardly ever use people's names while blogging, and don't feel the need to tell Facebook when I have headache, a case of the farts or when I've shit my pants - not that I have shit my pants since the 3rd grade. But rather, I use social media as a self serving practice. I like to compare my posts to that of a shared journal in which I hope I occasionally make people smile, laugh, and perhaps even serve as an inspiration to them. 

I enjoy social media as a way of seeing my friends' lives, what's going on with them, learning new things, being inspired by great quotes and/or articles of positivity. Now you may say, "Well Lynn, to know your friend's you have to take the good with the bad" - and I do. I have no problem texting or calling a friend in need to listen to their woes because we all know life isn't perfect, but I'm just asking that people re-think their audience and what they are putting out there on social media for the world to see. I mean, do we really need to know you've just used your socks to wipe your butt because you ran out of toilet paper? I think not. Edit people, edit.

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