Monday, May 11, 2015


Good: Dog sitting job.
Bad: Calling your dog sitting client to inform them that they've locked you out of their home and that it's going to cost $344.00 for the locksmith to open the door.
Better: Soaking up some sun waiting for the locksmith to arrive.

Good: Leaving work 10 minutes early.
Bad: Traffic delays due to rain, making you 20 minutes late to doggie daycare.
Better: Having daycare waive the late fees! 

Good: Knowing what you want for dinner.
Bad: It's 10 minutes out of your way and a 20 minute wait, after an already chaotic day.
Better: Having someone to share it with.

Good: Plans to attend a CPR/Pet First Aid seminar and earn certification.
Bad: Not realizing it's in a different time zone, which negates the whole trip.
Better: Enjoying an impromptu afternoon outdoors, walking and playing in the park.

Good: Mother's Day plans for lunch and a play.
Bad: Leaving tickets to the play in the car and having to walk multiple blocks to retrieve them.
Better: Not leaving them at home!


  1. I love your attitude with each unexpected event. :-)

    - Audra from A Path to Create, Not Find

    1. Thanks Audra! It's not easy some days!!!