Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Although I'm sure it's been there for months, I just discovered "it" in the gym today. A bicycle that actually has programmable workouts and adjusts itself during the program (in regards to resistance). I love it!!! My gym is small and free, so it doesn't have a lot of equipment that a large-scale fitness center may have, but man, this new toy is worth it's weight in gold to me! 

While I enjoy bicycling, I just don't take the time to do enough of it outdoors, and as far as a Spin class goes, let's just say I get lazy and don't crank the resistance like I should. And that's the great thing about my latest gym discovery! It's like a little drill sergeant screaming at me telling me to, "Move it!!!" while forcing me up random hills and long sprints. I can't tell ya how much I miss cycling on a regular basis, so this is a gym-dream come true! Can't wait for our next play date! Ooh-rah!!! 

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